-CD&LP "Grand Monde" for The Visionaire 52SOUND

_CD & LP 'Babilonia'  (2006, peacefrog)

_CD & LP 'Bold' (2001, F Com)

_CD Collector 'Flexion/F. Me’ [Original musics composed for Dior Homme] (2002, F Com, available in Japan    only)

_EP 'F. Me’ [Dior Homme Spring-Summer 2003] (2002, F Com)

_EP 'Flexion'[Dior Homme Autumn 2002-Winter 2003] (2002, F Com)

_EP 'Live at the End' (2002, F Com)

_CD 'Own n°3' [selection] (2003, Gratitude/ULM)

_CDx2 'Own n°2' [DJ mix + selection] (2002, Gratitude/ULM)

_'Rain dance" on the album Trip Do West (2003, Rythmix)

-CD&LP "Dynamo" (Fcom)

-CD&LP "Opack" (Fcom)

  • Visionaire 52SOUND

    the "car-speaker"designed by Tom Sachs for Visionaire "The Sound Issue"