Best Score Soundtrack for Motion Picture: "Lol" (2009) at the 1rst Festival of Fleury Merogis (Film Festival in the french jailhouses).


'The top of Le Championnat' Metro //

'Readymade FC meld knowing Anglo-Saxon pop with Gallic chanson swish, adding a soupçon of electronica here, a guest vocalist there, to make music that laughs in the face of genre pigeonholing' ****Mojo //

'From its Midnight Cowboy harmonicas to the Jon Brion-esque sound design, it's like the soundtrack to an imagined film' Clash //

'If you like your pleasures subtle but utterly plentiful, this is for you' NME //

'Gorgeous, tricky pop' Harpers & Queen //

'Out of step with our time. Odd, but wonderful for it' *****International DJ //

'Make room for this French re-invention of music' ****DJ //

'Babilonia should be a feature at many discerning dinner parties for years to come' Music Week //

'Une manière de post-rock cinématographique' fff Télérama //

'Un album kaléïdoscopique promis à tous les éloges' Magic //

'Une véritable machine de désir et d'ivresse' Les Inrockuptibles //

«Avec Readymade, nous évoluons au sommet de l’electronica. Album du mois» Trax
«Le meilleur de tous les mondes électroniques» Les Inrockuptibles
«Un excellent premier album d’electronica chaleureuse et subtilement mélodique » Libération

CD & LP 'Bold' [the first album] (2001, F Com)

CD Collector 'Flexion/F. Me’ [Original musics composed for Dior Homme] (2002, F Com, available in Japan only) 

_EP 'F. Me’ [Dior Homme Spring-Summer 2003] (2002, F Com)
_EP 'Flexion'[Dior Homme Autumn 2002-Winter 2003] (2002, F Com)
_EP 'Live at the End' (2002, F Com)
_CD 'Own n°3' [selection] (2003, Gratitude/ULM)
_CDx2 'Own n°2' [DJ mix + selection] (2002, Gratitude/ULM)
_An original track on the album Trip Do West (2003, Rythmix)
_Remixes of Serge Gainsbourg, Chet Baker, Ennio Morricone, Henri Salvador, Arielle, Zazie, Octet, Canvas, Le Tone, Fefe ...


contact (productions & TV soundtrack): Fred Monvoisin@greenunitedmusic.( (Movies): Jean-Pierre Arquié: